My sister in law is showing me green light. What should I do? Accept or reject

My name is  Stephen.  I hail from  western part of Nigeria. This is my story. It has been a while that I have been living with my brother in lagos with his family. My brother works with a private company in lagos state.  Most of the time it always remain me and my sister in law in the house and we both played, gist  and do the house chores together. Few days ago while watching movie together in the sitting room, I discovered she was trying to show me part of her body with her hot seducing dress. But the one that shocked my head mostly was when she invite me to her room yesterday to help her hang something on the wall while doing it she grabbed me from the back and was telling me that "let do it, nothing we happen". I immediately ran outside to avoid been tempted.  
Now she is still disturbing me,  begging me, sending some text, seducing me....  And my brother has always been good to me I don't want to repay him like this. Am confused What should I do? Should I go ahead or tell my brother the whole story? Kindly need your help. 

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