Did you know that Triple H's original Pedigree is banned by the WWE?

WWE has started taking the health and well being of their superstars very seriously, albeit it was only after a spate of horrific injuries suffered by many former and present wrestlers.
In their quest to make wrestling safe for their superstars, WWE has taken considerable measures. Starting from strictly enforcing the wellness policy to reducing blows to the head and finally banning some moves which were deemed too dangerous for the superstars to put their lives and careers on the risk for, WWE has put the health of their superstars on the front.
However, many current and formers WWE Superstars have had to change/modify/or completely give up on their finishers due to their moves being banned by the WWE for being too dangerous.

Did you know that Triple H's original Pedigree is banned by the WWE?
Triple H giving his 'new' Pedigree
Triple H didn't actually have to change his finisher, he just had to slightly modify it.
But, what is the original pedigree you ask? Well, it is nothing that much complex, in fact, it is just like the Pedigree that is used by The Game these days, albeit with a small change. In the previous iteration of the finisher, Triple H used to lock the hands of his opponent forcing the wrestler to bear the full brunt of the move on their face.

Fortunately, it was deemed too dangerous by the WWE and Triple H had to modify it slightly.

Watch the video below :
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