Bride In Wedding Gown Changed Her Mind On Her Way To Her Wedding (Video, Photos)

The lady had a Temper Tantrum & She immediately realized that she had Made a mistake…

Notice that the more the guy begged her the more she misbehaved. No sooner has the Guy given up &
Walked away Than she now started begging calling after him!
Stupid Girl… did you have to wait for the Wedding Day to do this Nonsense
Guess what… The guy Left with his Dignity intact , the joke is on you. Immature girls Think that
Weddings are “trendy things” where they come to slay! ( Whatever that means).
They don’t realize that it’s a lifetime Commitment & covenant requiring selflessness seriousness,
sobriety, Respect to others & self & God Almighty….

Viral Video: Bride Changed her mind on her way to her wedding
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