The Bar vs The Usos, Champion vs Champion match, WWE Survivor Series 2017 winner, video highlights and analysis

Wwe survivor collection 2017 

The bar vs the usos, champion vs champion fit, wwe survivor series 2017 winner, video highlights and analysissmackdown live levelled the gambling field at survivor collection.
The uncooked tag champs gloat as they have got benefit over the usos
The usos reduce a promo proper after slicing out and welcomed the bar to the uso jail. The twin brothers had the better teamwork inside the early going, getting the better of cesaro.

The bar might then get the benefit for pretty some time but the groups would have a number of to and fro. A distraction with the aid of sheamus noticed him get taken down by means of cesaro. Sheamus' 2d distraction noticed a small swing to a sharpshooter. Jey uso managed to get to the ropes just at the time to live to tell the tale.He single-handedly controlled to take out the champion through mishaps however he nevertheless got outnumbered and almost pinned before jimmy uso stored him.The bar appeared ready to finish the match once they had him in doomsday tool function but jey uso fought returned and this observed up with a great series in which jimmy hit a pinnacle-rope samoan drop, only for a near-fall!The finish become simply top notch. A tag noticed jey uso fly over the top rope onto cesaro outdoor. Sheamus ate a double superkick and a frog splash for the pin. Smackdown stay was degree.
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