Read the 10 simple steps to tying the popular Yoruba head tie

It is possible for you to learn how to tie the gele yourself if you practice with the following steps.

The art of tying gele is a stylish art. An art that compels admiration with ease. Admittedly, a gele that is skillfully tied evokes a certain kind of beauty; the kind that can only be seen among the beautiful people of Africa.
However, according to experts, it takes a good sense of skill to properly tie the gele; and that skill is not an easy one to possess. But, in any case, it is possible for you to do it yourself if you practice with the following steps.

An expert step by step tutorial on how to tie the Gele

1. First, start by folding in the end of thegele as this will ensure the front (crown of the head) has a smooth base.
Wrap the gele around the head from the back to the front (towards the forehead) ensuring that the ends at the front are equal.
Note: Bear in mind that this aspect is very important.
3. Now, take the left side of the gele, and wrap it towards your right all the way round to the left ear and hold it firm with your hands. You know you’re getting it, if at this point the left side of the gele is shorter than that of the right side.
4. Do to the right side of the gele what you did to the left side. Take the right side (the longer side) round the head to the back, wrapping it and firmly holding it with your hands at the back.
5. Starting from the side & back of thegele, arrange the gele measure around the head in levels and layers.
6. Start squeezing the ends to form a fan from the middle of the layout, ensuring that the left over at the end closest to you is enough to grip. Do the same on the other side.
7. Tie the both ends that are closest to you into a knot twice and neatly tuck in the loose bits.
8. After tucking the loose bits, there will be two layers at the top of the gele piece at this point. Now begin to arrange the layer at the back, first making sure the highest point of the gele is in the middle.
9. Now, gradually push back the geleaway from the face to give the face a lift. Ensure that you do not push it back excessively as to prevent the gele from falling off your head. And it is more like a law that your ears must be inside thegele.
10. At this point, there is nothing more to do apart from adjusting the gele until the desired result is achieved.
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