I’m available, waiting for the right man -Bose Oladimeji

I’m available, waiting for the right man -Bose Oladimeji 
Sultry Yoruba actress, Bose Oladimeji, popular for the film, Aye Mi, has revealed that she’s not in any romantic relationship, throwing the gate to her heart open to any man willing to take the plunge.
Bose Oladimeji. 

 In a question and answer session with Potpourri, the actress who began her acting journey in 2009, said poker-face that she’s available. “I’m not in a relationship for now; I’m available and waiting for the right man to come,” she said. But her declaration must not be confused for desperation as she has a clear cut specification of the man she wants to give her heart to. “My ideal man must be a God-fearing and caring man that will love me sincerely because I’m ready to love. I don’t want a man that will lie to me. I want a man that will pamper me, I’m a Leo and I love to be cared for,” she quipped Reeling out more conditions to winning her heart, she said, “I pray my husband will not stop me from acting, it won’t happen. So far he loves me; he will support me in my career and he will be proud of me.” The Kwara State born artiste and English Education graduate of Tai Solarin University of Education  has produced five films of her own and  she’s set to release her next production titled  Ika (wickedness).

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