I have never slept with anyone for movie roles —Opeyemi Adetunji

When it comes to the matter of sexual harassment in Nollywood there are divergent views just as there are different actors in the industry. While the radar, more often than not, is on the randy producers and directors, it is an open secret too that some actresses actually make the first move, all in the bid to wrest a movie role from a colleague. 
Adetunji Adesola Opeyemi 

In this regard, not many actresses can come out boldly to say they have not offered their body in exchange for a movie role. But budding Yoruba actress, Adetunji Adesola Opeyemi emphatically told Potpourri that she should be counted out of those desperadoes who would do anything to clinch a role in a movie. “Sleep with someone for a role? It has never happened. People get attracted to each other and it’s left to the lady to say yes or no to a proposal. Sexual harassment to me is when you are forced to do what you don’t want to do. Whenever a male colleague comes to me and asks me out and I say no, no is no and if I’m interested and I say yes, good luck to you. Like my boss says, if someone sleeps with you and you are not talented, it won’t make you get roles and if at all it does, it won’t sustain you. But if you are talented, you’ll be called upon. So far, I’ve not slept with anybody for movie roles, I can boldly say it anywhere, anytime,” she said. Osun State, Ile-Ife-born Opeyemi,  has starred in Yoruba films like Omo Alhaja part 2, Asebi, Eni Owo, Omo Ijoba and has produced her own film “Mopelola”. 

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