Etiko Destiny touted with best figure in Nollywood

Etiko Destiny touted with best figure in Nollywood  
      Enugu-based Nollywood actress, Etiko Destiny is endowed in the right luscious places and knowing it, no day passes on her Instagram page without a picture of hers, showing off her killer curves. 

Etiko destiny
 See more of her pictures below :-

Etiko Destiny Recently, when the actress posted this picture on display, a fan was so besotted by her sexy curves that he gave her the crown of the actress with the best figure in Nollywood. “Sexy Etiko, you have the best figure in Nollywood,” said the fan. 

Provocative and sexy Etiko Destiny who shot into prominence in the film ‘Idemili’ once told Potpourri her experience concerning  sexual harassment in the industry, stating that the final decision belongs to the actress in question. 

“I won’t lie to you that I’ve never experienced it, because I have. There are people who would want to deprive you of the role given to you because you didn’t sleep with them. Some will even sleep with you and still not give you the role. So, it is left for you to know yourself and know your job. If you can act well, your blessing will locate you” she says

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