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    Turning ideas into reality Is a team sport. Whether your idea is a product, a book, a business, or a service, you need the help of other people to make it happen. A vital key to creative success is the practice of building on your strength and integrating your talent with the unique abilities of others. A creative network is one of the most powerful engines for driving social and economical progress.
      Be the kind of person that people can come with their dreams, ideas, and visions. Creative people often don't need to be managed, they need to be inspired with a lofty vision. Rarely does one person have the "whole best idea." whether it is a problem or an opportunity that we are dealing with, we must integrate the fractions of ideas from many people to come up with the best end result. Never double that a small group of thoughtful, courageous, creative people can change the world.
Individuals say "I, teams say " We." A team is much more than a group of individuals. Shared values are the unifying force of a team. Team pride elevates creative thought. Team spirit is a competitive advantage. Teamwork is basically cooperation and mutual respect. Be the kind of team member that would be missed.

Pioneers and creative thinkers have common traits:
  • They have a dream.
  • They believe that the future can be different, and better.
  • They make a commitment to shape portion of that tomorrow.
  • They look at risk in terms of opportunity and potential gains.
  • They work hard as part of a team that builds on strengths.
  • They make total investments in their goals.
  • They are minorities that create a better future for the majority.

Some motivational quotes from motivational speaker are listed below to guide you :
  • Don't let your dream or vison die because of a lack of sustained effort.
  • The strong urge to accomplish somethingnotable is the mainspring of nearly all creative endeavors.
  • Create an "idea-safe environment" for thinking.
  • Creativity is mobile. You either carry it with you or you don't have it..
The key question is not "what can we create? " or even "what do we want to create?" Rather for all of us it is "what are we called to create?"
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